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Farrakhan Admits Hypocrisy Add Video

Message To The Blackman in America" pages 252-254 A hypocrite is a person who is disliked by everyone-whether it be a hypocritical wife, husband, parent, son or daughter, the hypocrite is unwanted. You can never trust hypocrites. They are liars. They are worse than disbelievers, because a disbeliever had not lied, saying that he believed and then turned back. This makes hypocrites the most hated of all people. The Holy Qur-an repeatedly warns the believers against hypocrites. Let us quote the 9th Verse of Chapter 2 of the Holy Qur-an, which reads like this: "They seek to deceive Allah and those who believe and they deceive only themselves and they perceive not." Words of Louis Farrakhan in 1994 "...Right after Labor Day, I went to L.A. Jabril didn't have any money. He borrowed some money toget there. I think he had a dime in his pocket. Had on some shoes that were too big for his feet. But he got there and he had a book in a paper bag. We met in Hollywood at the hotel I was staying. And he asked me about Master Fard Muhammad. I said, 'Well, I love Him very much, but I don't believe He's God.' And he asked me about The Messenger. And I said, 'I love him very very much, but I don't see him, now, as the Messenger, I see Prophet Muhammad as the Messenger...'" "...On the 3rd day of the 3rd year of hypocrisy against my father, I rose from the dead..." "...That very day I got up. I cried. I said, 'Oh Brother, I've been a hypocrite to my Messenger and to my God...'" Words of Louis Farrakhan in 1994

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